Slept in juuuust a little bit. You know, a short 2.5 hours past my alarm. Better than yesterday though so I guess that’s progress. I think I made better time on my morning routine too. I think being better about using my time logger does really help if I can keep getting into a better habit of using it more often.

I passed on coffee with breakfast for the first time in a while and hope I can continue finding ways to make my lifestyle more energetic through diet and exercise because coffee does make me a little more anxious I think, and it definitely makes me sweat a little bit more than usual. Maybe that’s a actually a secondary byproduct of the lift in anxiety. Gotta start a solid meal plan and stick to the workout routine for those to have any chance of making a difference in my energy level though. One day at a time.

Finally took a saw and sliced up the old bathroom door so I could fit in the dumpster. Destroying stuff with a purpose is fun. Power tools are fun.

Was about to run out to go shopping like some chump, but instead knocked out all the rest of my Christmas List online and was just so pleased with myself. Even though I’m well aware, I don’t always automatically think to actually use the advantages in technology and convenience. Maybe I’m an old man with an old fashioned old soul and rickety hips.

After such a strenuous morning I was looking over my running to do list to decide what to do next and got stuck in a bit of decision paralysis. Next time I’m going to try to remember my time tracker and start accounting myself in “wasting time” to push me to get up and do anything.

I do think partially I was tired from getting back to the gym over the last few days because I was pulled hard into a nap, and I have been pretty sore so I’m thinking that rebuilding might be wearing me out as well as making me super buff.

When I got up, I slooowly worked my way to have another small meal since I’m going to try to get on a 5-meals-a-day schedule. This time I had coffee as a pre-workout and to pull me out of my siesta to make a second day of what was left, which I didn’t quite accomplish.

Day 2 of workout-A went smoother than the first time. I think I’m getting comfortable with the weights again, my form was better, and I was getting through sets faster. I want to think that’s because I’m doing everything so well that I’m already seeing results but I’m not an exercise scientist so maybe it’s just the mental game, but I’m not an exercise psychologist either. Had time for some sauna! I made a meditation sesh out of it on my own. First unguided one but I pretty much repeated what Headspace has been having me do.

Instead of having a more productive evening, I was content to watch the finale of Survivor with the mom critter while I had my din. I picked up my Power of Now book, but really didn’t get anywhere because it was the finale, duh.

Been shooting texts to maybe take a visit to Columbus this weekend. Curious to see how it turns out if I go since I might have the options of seeing Whitney, Eric, Chelsea, and Julie along with the Karls.

So far still glad I moved my journal digital, but it’s opened up more volume since I’m more lazy and choosy with actual writing. That’s not necessarily bad, but I am suspicious of losing attention on observing and logging my deeper, usually unconscious feelings in favor of a summary of the day with a couple thoughts thrown in.