Loving yourself is hard. I like to think I’m pretty good at loving other people, but I think I’m just as bad if not worse at loving myself. So many possible reasons for that. Nature vs nurture and whatnot. I’m not really even sure I can imagine what it means to really love yourself in a healthy way. It almost feels wrong to love yourself, like someone who is arrogant, full of themselves, or vain. It’s hard for me to think of someone I would say is an obvious role model for this since I think loving yourself would be something that is harder to see than those other things. For me I guess it will be a practice like many other things.

Aaaaanywho, here I go:

  • That I can be comfortable in the house for long periods of time
  • That I think I have a decent sense of style whenever I get myself to spend money
  • That I’ve become a little more comfortable with spending money, compared to the unnecessary anxiety I used to have over things I could easily afford but couldn’t let myself enjoy
  • That the last thing I ever want to do is hurt anyone in any way
  • That I’m a good kisser
  • That I care and am motivated by meaningfully improving the quality of peoples lives, more than what I see as selling more frivolous products or services.
  • That I’m a very open book with people, and don’t play any games when meeting people. What you see is what you get.