Although I have started creative and expressive type things in the past, like another blog or writing music, they typically were not maintained primarily because I was never really doing them just for myself in the right kind of way. Any past online presence has mostly been to look a certain way or keep track of things that I felt I should for one reason or another, and music was because I thought it would be cool instead of because I really was compelled by a pure need to express myself in whatever simple way I could. It was all trying to put on a show.

I realized today that this blog is by far the strongest presence and consistency of meaningful content creation that I’ve ever accomplished.I genuinely look forward to doing it and capturing it, and don’t care whether it impresses anyone or not.

The same goes for my music lately. There is an actual genuine artistic expression compulsion behind it that doesn’t care about making thing big or flashy or “good” to anyone but me. If anyone ever does hear it and like it, that’s nice, but that carries no weight in the creation process. All that matters is that I feel that it captures the story and emotion that I’m trying to materialize externally as a real outward artistic expression which I think will help me put some things behind me.

Finally doing something for myself, just for myself, is satisfying, and ironically may possibly result in a more honest and relatable creation that people can connect with, benefit from, and enjoy more.

How can I bring the same intention into more areas of my life?