WEDNESDAY – I was tinkering with my phone a lot still on Wed. Downloading and setting up apps I thought would be helpful, setting up my workout log, downloading ringtones late which is why I didn’t post that night. I also got to catch up with both Karl and Berridge on the phone which was great. I caught Berridge up on a lot since we last spoke. By the end he was encouraged by where my head and heart are going. He also convinced me to look into Nepal as the volunteering destination. Which I have to get back on top of.

YESTERDAY – Therapy with Leah was productive. I came out with some good concepts to consider and practice. Like asking myself what do I need NOW. I should communicate a little more with family about how to balance support between enabling and pushing too hard. I was up late last night writing some longer posts about some things I’ve been learning and realizing how some social issues have made me blind to some things in the past. I also finally got to go out and see Fantastic Beasts with Leah (friend), which was a good time.

TODAY – I slept in until noon, even though I didn’t wake quite as groggy as I usually do hopefully because the new alarm is working. I can’t let myself get too comfortable with my progress. I still have a lot of work to do. I’m getting into a groove with some good habits, but I have to use this momentum as a springboard to the next thing. Tinkering in my phone isn’t going to get any of the actual work done. When the time comes, I have to get to it instead of trying to just manage and plan things. I need to keep setting new goals as I make progress. Like I learned that certain thoughts change whether they are still useful or not, I need to realize when certain actions (planning) are not useful, and move into the action stage. I made a little more progress on the album and send a voice recording to Lepsch who seemed to be impressed. Then we ended up FaceTiming for quite a while which was fun and I got to help them decide how they will reveal the upcoming baby to their parents.