Slept in till noon at Rachel’s place with just enough time to comfortably get ready and get to Christmas in time. The standard snacking, drinking and mingling happened. Rachel and I did have a promising convo with Doreen about having more adult-friendly celebrations. We’ll see how that goes.

Driving to the festivities, and back home after I caught myself really entertaining my imagination to be thinking about all kinds of things.

Thankfully, no one really asked me any any questions awkwardly.

Gift exchange was fun to watch Grandma open her gifts and reach to each of them. White elephant was a little uneventful and I ended up keeping the gifts that I brought. We busted out and everyone wore the mustaches right there which was fun to do some of the type of weird stuff that our family doesn’t really do much of because for some reason there is a seniority model where Bill as the eldest son is the defacto decider of most things for the family. I bet in the future Rachel and I could convince the host like Doreen or Heather to get us all set up to do more adult activities.

I took my traditional nap, and woke up the everyone leaving. I headed home since Nathalie wasn’t feeling well. I’m not sure if seeing her would have been a little weird anyway. Straightened up some of my new stuff and took a bath while reading TPON.

After my bath I realized that I hadn’t thought too much about Carly during the holiday. I think part of that is a convenient fact that she never really spent Christmas with us, we kept that separate. I would usually be on my way to spend the rest of Christmas with her and her family at her parents for the next couple days though. Thankfully, I should be pretty occupied with Ark Reunion activities and visiting other friends while I’m up there tomorrow and Tuesday.