I am grateful

  • for the friendships that I made and retained from living in the Ark
  • that JJ found someone who seems to be very good for him
  • for the love of beautiful children Arie and Cullen, who help me to appreciate the present and enjoy it
  • for my meaningful friendship with Whitney, and that it has already shown me that even better things for me are out there and waiting to be found, and maybe held on to
  • for the example of parenthood and family that Andrew and Kyria are, and the decisions they’ve made
  • nerf guns
  • costumes
  • increasingly easier ways to access music
  • for friends like Andrew who care about my spiritual identity and security and challenge me to evaluate it
  • for Stacy and her family, and how she tried to learn and get better as a more positive person, a more calm parent, and to deal with the things she may feel she missed out on from her own parents
  • for high quality food
  • for black tea with whipping cream, potentially my newly discovered go-to hot, caffeinated drink