I love that I

  • can have fun again
  • didn’t hesitate to talk to Jimmy and meet up with others
  • tried and want to help Matt
  • helped the old neighbors move furniture even though I wasn’t comfortable going up to offer it and didn’t realize they needed more help
  • helped mom do a lot more cleaning and organizing than either of us expected
  • recognize that I need to work on, and accept, and own past insecurities and inadequacies that I’m not proud to admit to truly be free of their influence
  • after a while was able to reflect and identify some of the sources of my unexpected anxiety. More things to own and let go of to be free.
  • keep trying to learn as much as possible, and not forget about all the areas that I have room to recover and grow
  • haven’t given up on finding a system of planning that works to my unique needs and strengths