Note to self – get in a better habit of taking small notes of what you do every day so when you miss a couple days you aren’t fully dependent on your memory. Quit thinking you’ll be just as good at remembering. You won’t. There’s nothing wrong with needing to stop and take a note when something worth journaling about later happens.

Early in the day, not long after the morning routine, the girls in Columbus canceled happy-hour because of sickness.

I think I puttered around trying to decide if I was still going to go up anyways for Scales’s birthday or to see anyone else. During that time I tried figuring out how to make the most out of iHealth and the health apps on my phone. I ended up spending a long time looking through fitness apps, pinterest, favoriting recipes, and searching for rescue dogs when I heard a noise at the door.

My Amazon Echo showed up early! I was so excited. I set it up right away and started playing with and testing it. I connected it to my phone as another bluetooth speaker so it really is everything that I could have wanted it to be. I still have a lot of capabilities to unlock. I’m wondering how user friendly and useful the ability to order stuff from it. I think it will be a real help for me to feel less alone in my new place and hopefully be able to get more done with less stress too.

I think the optimism about getting more done gave me the motivation to finally sort through the stack of medical bills that I hadn’t gone through and taken care of yet and had really been needing to. After getting them sorted, I remembered my filing cabinet in the basement and after putting things in their place I realized how much I am actually capable and able to organize thing in a useful and friendly way. That is something I should be proud of and hold on to when I am ever feeling discouraged or incapable of managing my life independently.

Being on a roll I thought about what else I could do. I got set up to the printer and got the gloves ready. Returns and the Echo and my boots got me thinking about how I can get strangely obsessed with designing my life to be smart, useful, and simple. Then I spent probably the better part of an hour trying to find the perfect completely white socks that I can stock up on and use bleach on to keep them white and fresh and clean looking. Keeping it going after the gym, since I thought I wasn’t going to Columbus I headed to the grocery to get what’s on the shopping list for the meal plan that covers the whole week.

While I was there walking the aisles, something got me thinking about the questions for Carly that had been eating away at me and how she offered to talk soon. I tried to shake it and got the shopping done but the persistence of the anxiety convinced me that I would try to talk to Carly sometime soon so I could put these corrosive acidic burning thoughts and feelings and questions behind me.

Once I had gotten home and put my things away, I texted Carly to let her know that I had some questions burning me and that I was ready to try talking sometime soon she said she could do it right then and I didn’t see a good reason to put it off and feel the anxiety more if I didn’t have to so I agreed and she called me and we spoke from midnight past 4am. That conversation deserves it’s own post so I’m going to post that here.