Writing this 3 days after what I’m pretty sure was a relatively uneventful day is making this really difficult to remember anything. It’s incredible what we can forget so quickly and what memories we can’t seem to escape even if we wanted to.

I think all the physical cleaning the day before got me thinking about getting my old saved computer files and photos in order. I started popping around trying to figure out what was talking all the space in my hard drive and came across a lot of old photos buried pretty deep. They essentially doubled my photos. I spent a long time moving things around, deleting, and organizing what I wanted to keep but I only got through some of it. It was a bit of a trip to see a lot of moments from college that I’d forgotten about. There was a lot more of Carly included in them but there were also a lot of photos of just me and my other friends which was a good reminder that I haven’t always had a life that she was the biggest part of.

It gave me a better appreciation of old friends also. I spent some time assigning phots of people to their contact and sharing old photos with people.

That night I gave a little more technology lesson and setup to the mom who was proud of using Siri which she kept pronouncing “Surri.”

In bed I tried posting to my journal but I’m pretty sure that my computer trying to sync all the changes I made in cloud files kept me from being able to hold a connection to post successfully. I still managed to stay up too long on the computer but I can’t even remember what I spent so long doing.

Can’t wait till I’ve got all those files all organized and synced so I can feel that much closer to being a fully functional adult human.