Aaaand I slept through my alarm and missed my therapy session in the morning so I called and rescheduled for tomorrow.

The girls who ended up canceling happy hour the previous weekend decided they were going to try again this Friday (tomorrow). I texted around for a place to stay and they all ended up falling through but Molly said I could stay at her pace if I needed.

Aside from that I think it was a pretty uneventful day, which was nice since the past weekend and early week had been a little more intense with processing the latest long call with Carly.

I’m sure I fussed around with my computer trying to get things working just the way I want. I headed to the gym, came home, helped the mom get her accounts fully connected in venmo and uber, and tried to get caught up on journaling even though publishing hadn’t been working since I had a ton of files syncing online which takes days to complete apparently.