Staying at Molly’s was a good decision and got the day started pretty great. Her spare room was comfy, she made me coffee and pancakes with banana, we got to have some nice breakfast convo about her school part time and I asked her about how to talk to girls, it was fun.

As I was about to start getting ready to leave, the Helmlinger kids FaceTimed me to invite me to come over and play and stay the night. When I told her that I could, Arie’s little face lit up so big that my heart melted and exploded at the same time. Something about earning and having the love and trust of a precious little thing is maybe the single best feeling in the world for me.

When I pulled up at their house she ran outside to me and into my arms. I scooped her up an she gave me the biggest hug. When we got inside I got attacked with love by Cullen too.

We hung out and played for a little while, but they had plans to go visit and help some other family during the day. I was pretty exhausted from the night before still and was falling asleep on the couch so I decided to stay and take a nap and maybe catch up with them later.

I woke up to them arriving back home 6 hours later and it was completely dark outside. I had slept for about 6 hours from around noon-6. I groggily got up and made myself some tea. I was pretty disoriented waking up an another place again at the end of the day.

After some more playing and dinner (where Arie again tried to get me to sleep with her in her bed), the kids said they wanted to take a bath and head to bed. Their parents did not argue with that at all, and after they were done with that and running around naked, they got tucked in.

The rest of the night I got to spend some rare and quiet quality time with Andrew and Kyria. They ended up asking questions that led us to the latest developments concerning the long first call I recently had with Carly and how I had been feeling about and dealing with a lot of the new information.

When the conversation had started coming to a natural end, we watched a documentary about the food industry, particularly the influence and effects of the sugar and processed foods industry. Pretty amazing stuff to consider the power of an industry and the complacency of a government to prioritize the protection and interests of a damagingly powerful industry over the education and public health of its citizens. I don’t think I’m a radical thinker, they had top and respected public officials interviewed on the subject, but the analogy between the sugar and tobacco industry was more accurate than I expected it to be.

Before bed we watched a couple episodes of White Collar to lighten things up and they decided they’d be going to church tomorrow and invited me to join if I wanted.