After the kind of sleep that I haven’t had in a long time, negotiating temperature and the tangle of limbs that comes with sharing a bed, we woke up and spent what was probably a couple hours just talking and working up the motivation to get out of bed while I got right back to smothering her with kisses.

The night had been as innocent as we had both agreed to and I was mostly thankful for that, but there was still a part of me that wasn’t fully satisfied that was easy to quiet down.

I wasn’t really paying attention to the time, and our conversation covered what I think was such a variety of topics and just flirting that almost all of the details are lost to me.

Eventually we did get up after getting close several times and failing. I was not really in any hurry since I had nothing to do so I did not make it easier. She did tell me that she would kick me out if she wanted or needed and I fully believed her.

When we did get up we took our sweet time to dig through her food and throw together a breakfast of a smoothie and some eggs. The smoothie was frozen fruit and shavings from a gigantic 12lb. chocolate bar that she had as a gift that was probably super old. All the while in the kitchen I kept touching and kissing her in between and during preparation steps.

I think it was after our ~5pm”breakfast” that she pointed out the pumpkin she still had from halloween that was still fresh since it had never been  carved. She said she’d been thinking about carving it now and baking the pumpkin seeds. When she asked if I would want to do that I said we should do it immediately.

Once we scraped out the inside and collected the seeds, I carved the deathly hollows into it by hand and was pretty satisfied with the result.

We seasoned the pumpkin seeds in three groups with paprika, garlic salt, and himalayan salt. While those were baking we took showers and started looking for her credit card which had gone missing since the night before.

That girl can’t keep track of anything. Every time she needed her phone was an easter egg hunt, and we never did find the basketball game ticket that had the only record of what her wifi password was on it. I was confused and amazed at how much of a contradiction she is. She’d owned a house at like 20 years old and was a very capable person who had done and seen a lot of the world, but you definitely wouldn’t say that she was particularly organized or had everything figured out. I can’t help but feel like there’s a lot for me to learn from that.

While we were making and eating the pumpkin seeds, she was trying to figure out whether she was going out for the plans she had previously made for the night and was no longer wanting to go to because she didn’t feel great from the late night before. When her friend was also said she wasn’t really wanting to go either, she decided not to go and we laughed at the fact that I would probably be staying the night again. It was probably close to 9pm around this point.

We spent the rest of the night sharing stories and photos of the little kids in our lives and listening to a little bit of music until we were hungry again and decided to make some spaghetti. I think by the time we were done with dinner it was about 10:30 which blew us away and we said we guessed we should start heading to bed then since she had brunch plans and didn’t want to get up so late again.

So we did get settled in bed again and laughed at how I was going to have spent almost 48 hours with her. However, instead of going to sleep, we got into another long discussion about our lives and values and thoughts. It was kind of strange by this time to have heard her say a handful of thoughts and perspectives that I have said to other people. Her thoughts on things from money, children & adoption, clothes & makeup, helping others, food, and more I’m sure.

We asked each other a bit about our past relationship(s) also. She had more questions for me since there’s a lot to my one big relationship and how I’ve been recovering from it. We discussed what a rebound is and isn’t and how I have been working hard not to have one because I don’t want to define any new relationships based on the end of my last one but to do the real work on myself. She also shared some of her past relationships and another way that she is similar to me in how she puts honesty and transparency as most important, that it doesn’t matter what the nature of a relationship is as long as both parties are honest and upfront about it.

She also asked me about my school and career plans now. When I told her that I feel comfortable with the direction of protecting and caring for the oppressed and/or defenseless she shared a really good idea with me about something that doesn’t exist but should which I can’t stop thinking how of a good and beneficial idea it could be that I might ask her thoughts on maybe actually trying to make it happen.

We eventually decided it was time to actually get to sleep since it was probably much later than we’d intended even though neither of us checked the time, and we went to sleep.