A pretty eventful day starting with a visit to the psychiatrist who extended my meds with some extra refills. We discussed how much I was feeling better and better but still didn’t quite feel at full speed. I also asked a little about how if I was feeling up to going back to school in March how that transition would work. He seemed to think it would be easy to manage but did recommend that I start looking for a doctor in Evanston now since they would probably be booked up for the next couple months.

On the way home I went to the gym, and after I showered and changed and ate, I started making room in the fridge for this week’s groceries and prepped meals. I found 6 different tubs of butters and margarines that had somehow accumulated from being bought without realizing there was more left I guess.

Before actually doing my grocery shopping, I puttered around, texted a group of friends about getting together on the 18th, and reviewed my meal plan grocery list to sort the items by their respective sections of the store and taking note of what was already in the fridge.

The second time grocery shopping for my meal planning was so much faster knowing what I was looking for, and having revised my list to make it easier to grab things in one clean sweep through the store. Some other notes I made about some adjusted amounts and knowing what I was looking for made it easier to know the correct sizes to look for to avoid wasted and over paying. That combined with the fact that there were a handful of items already at home that I didn’t have to buy brought my total cart for an entire five days’ worth of food (25 meals) to a mere $59 and change.

After unpacking my groceries I’m sure I took some kind of a break to message some people and listen to more podcasts and fiddle with my devices or files or something, but I think I got to cooking around 6ish.

I was a little more familiar with the process of making the same meals a second time, and I do feel like I did a much better job at individual parts like selecting better tupperware sizes, and not overcooking the pasta for the lasagna, and the portions of ingredients and cuts in some of the sides. However, I did have to check the cook temps and times and seasoning mixes for almost everything and I made a couple new mistakes by possibly irreparably burning the seasoning on the sweet potato baking sheet. Maybe half way through I was getting worn out so I grabbed a beer and then had a couple of glasses of wine while I finished cooking, cleaning and listening to music. Having not really eaten that evening I got a little buzzed.

At some point during shopping and cooking I was texting with Tori about random stuff and asked if she wanted any input on our Valentine’s plans. She was difficult about it because she in principle she doesn’t like how prices for things go up for the holiday. I told her we could do something unconventional which would be fun and after some tedious back and fourth she admitted that she’d been wanting to go trampolining for a long time. Of course I had no problem with that and was excited since one of my suggestions was a roller rink, but for some reason she was tentative whether I would be ok with that activity. Weirdo.

Since I’d been cooking and thinking about how I’d like to cook for other people more often too, I told her I’d like to cook something for us as part of the date. She has a bunch of allergies and sensitivities to things and she’s not good at thinking of things to ask for so we had to put that decision off for later. I’m hoping I don’t forget to bring that back up until it’s too  late.

I think by about 11 I had completed all the cooking/prep, portioning, and a lot of the cleaning to feel complete for the night. I plopped down for a while to rest a bit before eating one of the lasagnas I made and heading to bed feeling pretty accomplished and wiped out.