My alarm went off I think and I probably snoozed it, but I don’t remember turning it off even though I guess I must have since it was off when I woke up an hour or two after it was set to go off.

I’m not sure how much stretching out on my lacrosse ball is helping my hips. It definitely feels like I’m hitting the right tight spots and I am much more loose and limber after the 30 minutes that it takes for me to feel like I’ve thoroughly hit all the spots to the point that rolling hurts noticeably less. I feel pretty great after that and I think I’v made progress by now being able to put more or all of my weight on my tough spots by the end of a session. Before I think I could only put half my weight on them at best. However, it still feels like every morning they have gotten pretty tight again and require a long roll to soften them up again.

The reason I’ve been making sure to either do this stretching or yoga is because I’ve gotten pretty confident that somehow the issues in my hips are what have been the cause of discomfort, tightness, and sometimes pain in my lower back. The other contributor that I’m pretty confident about affecting my back is the weakness of my core to be able to do it’s part and not have my back do all the heavy lifting.

That’s why, in addition to trying to be mindful of core engagement in any lift, I’ve also been including core work at the end of every workout. I pretty much just switch between targeted crunches and planks that I either add 1 rep or 5 seconds to each set every workout.

I think those things have been helping. It feels like I notice back discomfort less frequently and that I’ve been able to handle carrying heavier weights with core engagement comfortably than when I started working out. When I was working in Columbus I had noticed similar benefits to working out when I had been consistent for a while even without as much direct attention to core work so I’m optimistic that I’ll keep seeing more and possibly even better results this time around if I hold my attention to it in and out of the gym.

Before I went to the gym though, I spent a while cleaning what was left to clean and wipe down in the kitchen.

I spent some time during the day and evening making and thinking about plans for the next few weeks. I had been texting two groups of friends at school about my visit in a couple weeks, setting up a group of guys in Ohio to go to some fancy driving range, and talking to Rori about Valentine’s Day and if she wanted to meet up even before then this weekend since I’d be in Chicago next weekend.

I also took a quick second pass to delete unnecessary school emails, and respond for a 5th time to John McCollum. I still haven’t completed the formal Winter Leave of Absence form for no good reason except I’m procrastinating from doing it for some reason. I probably am exaggerating in my mind how much work filling out the two pages will be.

Zack called me and we caught up on school and him getting cast in a variety show and how everyone was scrambling with internship interviews. He also got the update on meeting Rori but there had been a lot that we hadn’t caught up on that there wasn’t time for. We talked about how much of an abnormality I am to be almost 3o and when I go out I look for nice, sweet, cute girls to primarily kiss and cuddle with. He also confirmed my suspicion that my straightforward honesty after talking to a girl to just say “I like you” probably makes them assume that I’m looking for a hookup. Maybe not. Any thoughts from my 12 followers? I said it was pretty ironic that it’s my honesty that would be what most often causes me to be misunderstood. That’s why one of the few things that really annoys me is how easily and obliviously people can jump to assumptions and are either too cocky or too afraid to ask a straightforward question to clarify. Is it so hard to communicate and use your words? That’s half of what children’s tv shows are about.

After we hung up I caught up on some journaling in bed and felt somewhat accomplished at the end of the day, but still reflected on my discussion with my doctor about how I felt I still had opportunities to shift my attention and start making more consistent and conscious improvement in my practical productivity and time management so I have a feeling that will be a theme for the next few days at least.