Today got off to a pretty good start, moving relatively quickly through my morning routine, eating a couple baby omelettes, stretching my old man hips, meditating. Along the way I was thinking about shifting my attention off myself and relationship stuff for a while and back onto my practices of mindfulness, meditation, and improving my effectiveness with my time. I revisited the time logging app that I have gotten lazy with because I thought I found a better alternative that tries to estimate for me how I’m using my time, but that thing has been pretty useless so far.

I’m still tweaking how to use and when to log certain items. More often than I’d like to admit, if I’m just thinking about how I could be spending my time right now, that’s doesn’t really count as anything useful and I should start the timer for “wasting time” to get my booty in shape to get to take real actions or coordination of action.

I listened to some music that the producer Dan sent to me which I liked and reminded me of some of my influences, but as to be expected I did have a couple feelings about how I am going for something slightly different.

I also made progress on my continual tug-of war to stay up to date with journaling. Weekends always make it hard and I’ll get caught up right before the next weekend screws everything up again.

Once I’d had some coffee and enough time for it to take effect I went to the gym and listened to The Dollup podcast which might be my favorite and great length for the gym if only they published every day.

On my way home I grabbed a refill of my scripts thanks to using a handy-dandy reminder. After showering, changing, and eating, I managed to waste another hour and a half which I think was mostly spend texting back and forth with Rori trying to figure out what she was capable of eating and would like if I made on Valentine’s Day. It was so painful pulling an answer out of her since she simultaneously can’t eat my favorite things, and also couldn’t say anything that sounded nice or special to her. She might be even less of a foodie than me which is impressive and I’m not sure if that would annoy me or endear me more over time.

While I had dinner Lepsch called. We talked about music copywriting, how my conversation with Dan went, and I told him the story of Rori (heh). He asked if I liked her and I didn’t really know what to say. I said that I like things about her and listed some, but I’m not exactly sure if that’s already turned into really feeling like I know and like this person enough to be able to confidently say to. I think I might, but I’m not sure. It’s also a little difficult not to wonder what those feelings would mean to becoming some kind of actual relationship, regardless of how casual or serious it is. Any thoughts from my 13 followers?

I was going to do some of my own journaling again right after dinner, but ended up perusing some posts from someone who had liked a pretty solid number of my posts. It was my first real exploration of what other people do with their blogs. Very different from my method of posting a high volume of daily journals and having 13 followers, she had maybe about 20 posts total I think with about six-hundred-something followers, and seemed to have been published in Huffington post a few times. I’m not sure whether her intention was to accomplish those things or if people just liked her content that much that it happened organically, but that seemed pretty impressive to me. It was also my first time really reading anything that included personal stories from a stranger in another country that I was able to relate to some of and wonder whether I would be friends with this person if we met in real life. I’m still so baby-fresh to this whole blogging world. It’s intimidating and exciting. I’m content over here just doing my own little thing.

Now that I think I’m all caught up with the daily junk, and I’m pretty exhausted, I’m going to see if I go to bed an hour early if that will help me get up earlier and fully on schedule. Here’s to hoping. Goodnight my few special buddies.