Tues, 14th – For my date with Rori I made eggplant. I forgot to poke holes in it before putting it in the oven so it exploded. I was able to salvage most of it thougt. We made the rest of the ingredients together so that we weren’t rushed for time. It was really good and I am going to hold on to that recipe. We went rollerskating and I was wrong about how late adult skate started. The crowd was a lot more boring than other rinks I’ve gone to so I was a little disappointed but we still had a decent amount of fun.

At one point I saw people doing choreographed dancing on skates and tried to attempt following along from a reasonable distance but Rori is very sensitive about proximity and intrusion so she thought I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t imagine any harm done.

Wed, 15th – I slept in at Rori’s and left after she’d gone to work. I got a facetime from the kiddos in Columbus and ended up driving up earlier than planned only to have them gone somewhere and having to wait for them to get back after a while.

Thurs, 16th – I got my favorite morning snuggles, We swung on the swing and jumped on the trampoline. That night I caught up with Grant and got to hear good news about potential jobs he was interviewing for. I also let him and then Brittney in on the unfortunate news about what my Ex had done. Brittney was not quite as supportive or empathetic I guess. Then I headed back up to the Helmlingers.

Fri, 17th – More morning playing with the kids. I went to Frank’s to grab some hotdogs and meet up with Marchese. We talked about some of his past traumas and abuse and how MDMA PTSD treatment has been incredibly helpful for him. I met Amanda, and then was joined by  Jacob, and made some new friends. Apparently there was a hoard of kids back at the Helmlingers because word had spread around that I was fun. I wasn’t able to drive and was bought a couple drinks so I couldn’t head back right away. After a while I ended up getting left, by Amanda, and then other new friends because I was too dead-set on playing wingman instead of just making friends.

Sat, 18th – Feeling pretty tired in the morning and starting earlier than I would have liked, I picked up Berridge and we met the other guys at top golf. We had fun and did some catching up. We stopped back at Karl’s for a while before dinner and then pregame at Julie’s for our joint birthday. We went out to Standard, and I didn’t find or see Whit, even though she was there. Again, I feel like that was a missed opportunity to just be present with the people I was there with but instead was determined to find an adventure. We moved to Bakersfield where I talked to some girls and ended up falling asleep on some girl’s couch. She was nice, but I didn’t feel any chemistry.

Sun, 19th – Karl and Berridge picked me up from her place in the morning and we ate at  Tasi and ate back at his place. I joined Whit at Church, met RJ’s baby and had lunch and conversation about my weakened faith. I met back up with Berridge and Karl for dinner at Zauber where Rachel, Kristen, and Alli, all girls I’d met and felt chemistry with all happened to be at separately. I went to Oddfellows with Kristen and Alli, met Katie, new friends, Rob, Ellie & Becca. Kristen and everyone eventually left and I was again on my own. My new friends invited me to bodega where Becca was also left by her friends, on her birthday, and in conversation found out that she grew up without a mother, and also had terrible things happen to her in childhood. All this softened me up real good, and, wanting to take care of her and keep her safe, I offered to get a hotel room for us to stay. She agreed, but almost immediately after getting to the room, she changed her mind, and struggled in her very drunken state to uber home. After I saw her safely off I went to bed, and worried about her for about a week before hearing that she made it home safe.

Monday, 20th – Waking up at the hotel was really nice compared to the usual couch-surfing. After my continental breakfast and borrowing a charger for my dead phone, I headed back to Karl’s and told them the story of the night then dropped Berridge off back home. On the drive home I started feeling sick, but after texting Rori, met up and got ice cream, walked around, and went on a bit of a goose chase because she lost her credit card. Once we headed back I started feeling sicker, and we talked about about us and what it would  be like after I moved. I woke up in the night a few times from a combination of sickness and bad dreams about the Ex.

Tues, 21st – I still felt really crappy in the morning so I slept in, drove home, and spent the rest of the day catching up on journaling but not getting all the way done.